Business I.T. Solutions

Server RoomFree up your time and resources for your own business priorities instead of being distracted by IT. Reliable I.T. Solutions Group has deep expertise in a broad range of technologies and a core competence in maintaining high availability of IT.

With Reliable I.T. Solutions Group as your I.T. support team, your organization will gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology to build greater profit for your business, without assuming the burden of managing that technology.

Find out how Reliable I.T. Solutions Group’s enables our customers to realize their business advantages of more advanced technology solutions by allowing us to manage the complexity of their IT.

Businesses of all sizes are using cloud computing to rapidly scale and deploy their software applications to run their business with greater flexibility. Reliable I.T. Solutions Group’s Cloud Servers allow small and medium sized businesses to easily run their applications on the operating system of their choice with a predictable monthly cost and no capital expenditures. They also eliminate concerns about the physical hardware server, network bandwidth connections and how to manage it all.

Reliable I.T. Solutions Group’s Cloud Servers can run web based applications like public facing websites or partner portals, as well as any line of business applications like accounting, employee collaboration and communications applications.
Here is an example what the cloud can do for you

Reliable I.T. Solutions Group’s Cloud Servers make more computing power available without additional investments in IT staff, hardware and/or network resources. They are also an ideal fit for businesses needing to replace aging servers or looking to host applications and data off-site (e.g. for regulatory or business continuity purposes).

Reliable I.T. Solutions Group has team of talented Network Architects with years of network installation experience you can trust to design a network architecture best suited to your organization needs. Our Network Design will take into consideration your unique technical needs and requirements. At no cost to you we will design for fault tolerance and redundancy (via clustering, mirroring or other techniques), so that no data will be lost in the event of a complete infrastructure failure.
Complete Network Installation Services:

If you are moving offices or expanding in your current space, our Cisco certified Engineers can run the cable, connect your users to the switches and routers and configure all devices to ensure maximum performance in your environment. Choose from our large selection of racks and cable management products. Our products are comparable and at a cost saving price. We install 2-post and 4-post racks, wall mount racks and brackets, cable management products, and accessories. Our products are designed to accommodate from small to big applications. Our solutions are ideal for the commercial A/V, security, voice and data structured cabling and residential markets.
Network Security Threat Assessments:

Our primary focus for the network security assessment is to identifying network vulnerabilities that an active hostile human threat might exploit. Although our assessment identifies both technical and non-technical weaknesses (e.g. procedural deficiencies), our assessment is focused on an in-depth analysis of technical vulnerabilities. R.I.T.S.G. will identify network security weaknesses and provide a detailed solution to successfully resolve your network vulnerabilities.

Protect your business!

Cloud ApplicationsReliable I.T. Solutions Group provides Award-winning protection to keep client’s information safe with evolving IT security enhancements via  our I.T. management services. With managed I.T. services, we will implement comprehensive email security solution that protects your entire network to safeguard your communication and information integrity via  risk mitigation and compliance. At no extra cost, address unique security server issues, whether physical, virtual or cloud-based. In addition, strengthen internet traffic and mobile security.

Protect your business!

Looking to establish a professional business phone system or upgrade your current business phone system? Our Hosted PBX is an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system. Delivered from the cloud, guaranteed to keep pace with your growing business.

Small Business Data Protection, Redefined

Small businesses are positioned for the perfect data storm: more data, at more value, with more risk. Small businesses are creating more data without creating Backups, the value of their data is increasing, and there are more risks of losing the data.

We believe that every business, of any size, is entitled to a robust solution to back up their critical business data. With small business’ limited people and financial resources, the most effective way for them to implement a Bare Metal Device Recovery (BDR) and business continuity solution is via Reliable I.T. Solutions Group .  Here are six points unique to small businesses, regarding their backup and disaster recovery needs:


1. Recoverability

Data Center 2In a disaster a small business cannot afford lengthy downtime since most carry less than a month of operating cost in cash. Does the solution have instant restore capability? Does it meet both recovery time and recovery point objectives?

2. Comprehensiveness

Small businesses generally do not have a dedicated IT department that can manage separate backup, recovery and business continuity solutions. Does the solution provide key functionality that is seamlessly integrated? Experts agree that a combination of on-premise and cloud-based services offer the best total protection for businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses.

3. Ease of Use

Small business owners or the IT person doesn’t have time to learn or manage complexity. Is the system easy to use, deploy and manage? Is it supported by a large network of I.T. Service Provider’s for added value?

4. Performance and Reliability

A recent study shows that only 17 percent of Small Business’s feel secure and confident in their backup plan; while another 14 percent say they feel very insecure and vulnerable. Quicker and more frequent backups limit Percentages data loss. An ideal solution is incremental back-up, where the technology adds what you’ve changed or deleted, rather than backing up the entire volume of data repeatedly. Our Inverse Chain Technology™ is the most advanced backup technology for both performance and reliability.

5. Affordability

Lowest-PriceSmall businesses have often been relegated to cheap (both in price and technology) backup solutions. With limited resources it’s been difficult for a small business to purchase a business continuity solution; they’ve been limited to a glorified backup solution at best. Is the solution cost-effective and affordable with a small business’ budget in mind?

6. Scalability

Your go-to Office—anywhereSmall businesses grow into larger businesses. Make sure the solution not only meets your data backup needs today but can scale as your company grows.